Journalestic Articles


The Rise and Fall of ISIS: Regional Dynamics and Global Ambitions

Syria: the seven-year crisis

The Price: The end of Iraqi and Syrian Woes and the Vanishing of ISIS (Arabic)

Trump and the Palestinian State (Arabic)

Soft Power in the Middle East: The Invisible Skirmish

Oman: A Peaceful Oasis in a flaming region (French) (Italian) (Arabic)

Putin’s “Completely Fulfilled” Task in Syria (French) (Italian) (Arabic)

Was the Turkish Model replaced by an Iranian Role (French) (Italian) (Arabic)

ISIS: Ambitions and Constrains  (French) (Arabic) (Italian)

Russia is officially in the region: A new Order has just begun (French) (Arabic) (Italian)

The Middle East: Rising and Falling Stars (French) (Italian)

Time to Decide (French)

Hamas Diplomatic Activism: Modified Strategies (Arabic) (French)

Hope-less Peace  (French) (Italian)

The Arab World and the Rise of non-State Actors (French) (Arabic)

The Charlie Effect   (Italian) (French

Is there Peace Partner in Israel? (French

The Syrian Tunnel and the Spring (Arabic)

Israel’s ‘Protective Edge’: Why Now? (Arabic)

The Palestinian National Reconciliation: Regional Implications (Arabic)

The Gateway to the Middle East and the Exchange of Roles (ِArabic)

The Arab World: History of Revolts and Global Nexus (Arabic)

Europe, the Arab World and the Spring (French)  PDF

Palestine, Israel and the Jewish State

Invisible Strife in a Moribund Middle East (Arabic)

Colonial Middle East Strategy: Another Complete Fiasco

Egypt 2013: What Can you Tell? (French

Egypt: coup, or a course correction

The Arab World and Democracy

A Conspiracy Theory or National Will  (Arabic) (French)  

Another Spring: The Middle East between history of revolts and future geopolitics

Will Israel Attack Iran? (Arabic)

Israel Strike on Syria: Recurring Scenario- Different Conditions (Arabic)

The new State of Palestine: division, Siege, Occupation and the Art of Diplomacy (Arabic)

Seeking long- lasting piece and justice in PalestineThe United Nations and Palestinian options

Why All This Fear

Palestinians and ‘Piece’ of the Process (Turkish)

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